The Killarney Avenue Hotel is the perfect base from which to experience everything the town of Killarney and the County of Kerry has to offer. For over 250 years, visitors have journeyed through extraordinary landscapes discovering the places and people that make Killarney & Kerry a remarkable travel destination. Rich with history, rife with culture, rugged mountains wielding great natural beauty, Kerry has a wealth of offerings for the curious traveller.  

Young and “not so young”, travel groups and the individual traveller can spend days investigating and exploring Kerry by land and sea.

Outside of Dublin , Killarney is considered the entertainment capital of Ireland . The town of Killarney maintains a holiday mood throughout the year. Attractions remain open, there are festivals for every season, and nightlife is always upbeat. No matter what your age or taste, Killarney provides a plethora of options including street entertainment, sporting events, theatre, museums, art galleries, children's attractions and lively nightclubs cater for a wide variety of interests.

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