Hunting Holidays in Kerry

The county of Kerry has quickly become a favoured venue for sportsmen who wish to shoot quality driven game in Ireland. Kerry is a game county with a plentiful stock of migratory game wildfowl. Woodcock, snipe and duck are wild birds whose presence depends on prevailing weather conditions and it is impossible to predict game numbers in advance.

The mountains of Kerry with their picturesque glaciated valleys and topography, testament to the sometimes harsh weather conditions of our exposed areas, offers the deer stalker the opportunity to stalk the Sika deer amid some of the Ireland’s breath taking scenery. This visually stunning region has fast gained the reputation as one of Europe's premier regions for stalking Sika deer. 

The best shooting months for stalking are from September to December, however the season extends to February. After December, the stalking becomes more challenging and the herds begin to scatter.

Hunting Seasons

  • Snipe - October to January
  • Woodcock – November to January
  • Deer & Sika – September to February

The Woodcock present are driven our by a team of dogs and beaters. These beaters are local hunting guides who have expert knowledge of the local game hunting landscape.

Another popular game bird in Kerry is Snipe. As is the case with Woodcock, these are also driven our by a team of dogs and guides. The snipe shooting day is usually more flexible, particularly earlier in the season when there are about twelve hours of daylight, but most shoots restrict shooting to six or seven hours.

At the Killarney Avenue Hotel, we have teamed up with arguably Ireland’s Premier Hunt Guides John Mangan and his team of local Guides. The reputation of John Mangan and his team is well known through Europe, Canada & America. For more information on John Mangan and his services, visit

If you are planning a Hunting break in the near future, then contact the hotel on 064 6621111 and let us start planning your personalised itinerary.

The Killarney Avenue Hotel in association with JMM Hunting will ensure you have memorable break, typified with great accommodation, fine food and experienced guides. The billing aspect specific to your activity is settled with your guide. This price is dependent on your specific requirements.  

Due to the nature of these breaks it is not possible for us to have such breaks bookable online. On this note please contact our Reservations team in Killarney on 064 6621111 and we will take care of the rest

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